Ukraine defends the world


In Gaza Strip, russia Conducting Information Operation against Ukrainians

November 10, 2023

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine informs that the russians in the Middle East are implementing another information operation to discredit our country.

Citizens of the russian federation call Ukrainians who are currently in the Gaza Strip and spread panic among them, using fake messages, in particular:

  • “Ukraine has abandoned you”;
  • “There will be no more salvation”;
  • “russia is ready to evacuate you”.

At the same time, the russian callers make it clear that in exchange for the possibility of an alleged evacuation from the Gaza Strip, they will have to give an interview to russian news agency.

The so-called “rescuers” did not say anything more about the content of the interview or possible questions.

Thus, the terrorist moscow traditionally seeks to take advantage of the aggravation of basic human needs in the context of an armed conflict to move to the next stage of the campaign to discredit Ukraine, namely, to create appropriate propaganda materials to further broadcast lies favorable to the aggressor.

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine calls on fellow citizens in the Gaza Strip to report all cases of telephone blackmail, provocations and intimidation by unknown russians.

Ukraine as the state is doing everything possible to save our citizens.