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Military Register of a Reconnaissance Man Includes: Donetsk Airport, Debaltseve, Contusion and Wound

April 8, 2020 / News Agency of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine "Army Inform"
Military Register of a Reconnaissance Man Includes: Donetsk Airport, Debaltseve, Contusion and Wound

The commander of a reconnaissance platoon of one of the motorized infantry brigades, Senior Sergeant Yurii Anton (in the past - Major of the internal service), gained his first combat experience as a cadet in the North Caucasus. Then he rescued people for many years, and when he was retired he went as a volunteer to defend Ukraine and underwent through almost all the hottest spots and fiercest battles in the area of Anti-Terrorist Operation and Joint Forces Operation. The military register of the reconnaissance man includes many difficult and at the same time heroic moments. This is not to mention where our hero comes from. He has been living in another region for many years, but while defending Ukraine in the East, he feels something completely different than everyone else. Because, this is his small Homeland, and his hometown has been under temporary occupation for seven years now…

Yurii was born in summer of 1966 in the Luhansk region - in Stakhanov, which in 2016 was renamed into Kadiyivka. He grew up there and saw local life, knows the way of life, characters and problems of the local population not from the books or TV screens.

It so happened in his life that he chose the profession of rescuer - then they were all called just firefighters. He studied at the Lviv Fire and Technical School. It seems that this is not a military school, although those who visited this school were able to see that the iron discipline and order that have always reigned there, do it honour against the background of purely military schools. But there they were taught to put out fires and save people, and not to shoot at all. However, he was destined to undergo a baptism of fire as a cadet - just during the internship.

After graduating from school, the officer of the internal service served for many years in the fire brigades in Kherson region, and in 2005 he retired. And when trouble came to Ukraine in the form of "Russian spring", he went as a volunteer to defend the Fatherland.

Yurii was called into the Armed Forces of Ukraine in early August of 2014. He fought as a grenade launcher operator in the airborne assault brigade. When he first arrived at the Donetsk airport, he was already a machine gunner. He defended the airport for a long time side by side with his comrades-in-arms, whom the frightened enemy called "cyborgs".

In January 2015, Yuri Anton took part in retaliatory actions near Spartak village in order to unblock the defenders of Donetsk airport. On APC, damaged by the explosion of a large-caliber projectile, he took wounded comrade out of the fire. And then, being contused wound, he returned to battle on another APC.

In the first half of February of 2015, as a part of the combined unit, the paratrooper ensured the withdrawal of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Debaltseve ledge. It is clear that we had to fight well there…

Comparing those hard battles of the first year of the war with the present day, the senior sergeant concludes: in 2014, most volunteers did not have combat experience, but there was a great desire to defend the Homeland from an insidious enemy. There was a lack of technical equipment, night vision devices and special weapons. We learned to fight in a battle. Today we have a significant combat experience, learned the enemy.

Since 2017, Yuri Anton has been fighting as a part of one of the separate mechanized infantry battalions of a separate mechanized infantry brigade. He was the major sergeant of a platoon for reconnaissance for a long time, until he was wounded. In the process of undergoing treatment in 2018, he had to leave the Armed Forces. But after a successful rehabilitation in October 2019, he returned to his native unit as a commander of a platoon for reconnaissance. Nowadays, he continues defending his native East and the whole Ukraine against the aggressor, trains young reconnaissance personnel and, above all, strive for victory.

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