A Monument in Honour of Alumni, Perished During Russo-Ukrainian war, is Unveiled at the National Technical University of Ukraine

September 1, 2018
Among perished heroes are the DIU employees Maksym Shapoval and Ihor Shevchenko

A monument unveiling ceremony has been held on the eve of starting the new educational year at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Politechnical Institute named after Ihor Sikorskyi”.

The monument, made from Ukrainian red granite, is placed near temple of Saint Nicolas Miracle – a heavenly protector of university and the monument in honour of Heavenly Hundred Heroes. This is stylized, stretched up stature, which resembles a figure of antique goddess Nika that traditionally embodies military victories and, at the same time, Christian angel who takes perished warriors’ souls to God. Surnames of all alumni graduated from Politechnical Institute who perished during the Revolution of Dignity and in the battles for Independence of Ukraine are inscribed on outspread wings of stature. On pedestal are inscribed words, such as “Dedicated to alumni graduated from Kyiv Politechnical Institute, lost for Ukraine”.