Book about the legendary Ukrainian Kuzma Derevianko was presented in the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the World War II

December 7, 2015
The book became the first edition of the brochure series “From the museum folders”

The book about the legendary Ukrainian Kuzma Derevianko, whose signature ended the World War II, has been recently presented in the Museum. Then, on September 2, 1945, on board of the American battleship “Missouri"”, when Japan signed the Act of its surrender, the world saw him amid the flashes of the numerous cameras, but in the Motherland he had been unknown for a long time. Still, the life of Kuzma Mykolaiovych was a real challenge with a range of stunning ups and unpredictable twists of fate, full of impressions that will be enough for several generations.

The book tells us a story about an ordinary countryman, a haydamacks’ descendant that managed to become a talented scout, military strategian and a successful diplomat, despite numerous difficulties, poverty and repressions. Though Kuzma Derevianko was a representative of those times and was a mouthpiece of the Soviet regime, he managed to preserve his own individuality and Ukrainian identity.

The edition of the book about Kuzma Derevianko opened a new series of the Museum’s popular science editions “From the museum folders”. These are the stories about the outstanding Ukrainians, who distinguished themselves during World War II at different combat and diplomatic frontlines, in the rear, during national liberation struggle etc.

You can see the brochure about Kuzma Derevianko on the site of the Museum.