Memorial Plaque Was Installed In Malyn In Honor Of Perished Reconnaissance Man

April 15, 2018
In such way, countrymen honored the memory of Vadym Zhordochkin

Yesterday, the memorial plaque in honor of the reconnaissance man of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion Vadym Zhordochkin was opened in Malyn town, Zhytomyr region.

Public activist, combat sworn brothers, relatives of perished warriors, representatives from the local authority and clergy took part in the event.

Hero’s mother was given a right to open the memorial plaque. After that, priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate sanctified it.

During the ceremony, mothers of perished ATO heroes and veterans of this war shared their remembrance about perished hero as well as about repulsing the Russian armed aggression.

Heroes have never died! They live as long as we remember them!