Fifth medical mission of Canadian doctors begins its work in Kyiv

February 28, 2017
About 40 wounded servicemen are to be operated during the week

The fifth medical mission of Canadian doctors - which includes 26 surgeons, anesthesiologists, medical nurses and physiotherapists - has begun to operate in Kyiv. Also, for the first time, the Canadian mission is joined by six representatives of medical service of US Armed Forces.

, The mission will provide medical consultations and will perform operations on patients on the basis of the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine until March 5, 2017.

Overall, about 40 patients are to be operated during the week. In addition, wounded servicemen, requiring medical consultations, can request medical assistance from the mission’s doctors during this week.

Telephone numbers for receiving consultations: 095 435 30 33, 097 00 555 45.