Several streets in Kirovohrad will bear names of the perished scouts of the 3rd separate Special Forces regiment

February 27, 2016
From now on, the streets will have the names of the real Ukrainian heroes, instead of faceless names of the Soviet era

Recently, at the plenary meeting, the deputies of Kirovohrad City Council have decided to rename 16 streets.

According to the decision, the streets will receive new names, instead of faceless Soviet names, like "Industrialna, Povitrianoflotska", etc. So, several streets will be renamed in the honor of the scouts of the 3rd separate Special Forces regiment, who gave their lives for freedom and independence of our state in the battles against Russian Occupation Forces, – the names of Oleksiy Volokhov, Yurii Olefirenko, Yevhen Podolianchuk, Dmytro Prydatok, Serhii Hryshyn, Maksym Benderov and Serhii Sienchev.

Heroes do not die; they live, as long as we remember them!