Perished Officer-Reconnaissance Man is Commemorated in Kharkiv

October 15, 2017
A memorial plaque was installed in the school where Serhii Lobov had studied

On the eve of the Day of Defender of Ukraine, a memorial plaque was installed in Kharkiv school # 82 in honor of former pupil of this school, officer-reconnaissance man Serhii Lobov who perished in the course of ATO operation.

Major Lobov commanded a company of a separate reconnaissance battalion. In 2016 Serhii Mykolaiovych perished while performing a combat task in Donetsk region. Serhii Lobov was posthumously awarded with the order of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi for personal courage and heroism displayed while protecting the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. He left a son.

You can listen to the recollections of family members, friends and combat sworn brothers about the courageous officer-reconnaissance man as well as watch the unveiling ceremony of the memorial plaque in this feature story.