Worldwide Day of vyshyvanka is held at the DIU

May 18, 2017
Today, the DIU workforce wears national costumes to work
Worldwide Day of vyshyvanka is held at the DIU

The Day of vyshyvanka is a holiday that is intended to preserve the original national traditions of making and wearing national clothes, because the Ukrainian vyshyvanka – is a national symbol of our country, our pride and a real masterpiece of art.

The primary goal of the event – is the preservation of Ukrainian values and their popularization among the population. This holiday has a deep meaning, as it is a way of expressing one’s national and public stance, cultural education and spiritual awareness.

DIU workforce did not stand aside and spent the work day in national clothes. Having celebrated the Day of Vyshyvanka in such way, the DIU employees demonstrated their public stance and abiding faith in our victory over the enemy.