A memorial plaque was opened in Chernivtsi in honor of three alumni of one of the schools, who perished in ATO

November 29, 2016
A reconnaissance man, a paratrooper and a military surgeon… All three of them are the alumni of 28th school in Chernivtsi

They were friends in peaceful life – the war scattered them to different units. Scout Serhii Potaraiko joined the military service on a contractual basis in the spring of 2016. He was in ATO only two weeks – his unit fell into ambush near Mariyinka. He had never admitted to his relatives that he was on the front line.

The school in which the memorial plaque was opened to honor the heroes is the only one in the whole micro-district; that is why all the students are acquainted here since childhood. Friends of the deceased resolved to honor their memory and raised money to have the memorial plaques made.