Ternopil volunteers conveyed Easter sweets to the scouts

April 30, 2016
The inhabitants of several districts of Ternopil region decided to gather Easter basket for warriors at the frontline
Ternopil volunteers conveyed Easter sweets to the scouts

On the eve of Easter day, two groups of volunteers left Zbarazh district center at once and went to the East of Ukraine. First group was headed by a father of the Hero of Heaven Thousand Ustym Holodniuk, the second one – a wife of former Head of Zbarazh District State Administration scout Yurii Horaiskyi who was killed defending Ukraine. Natalia Horaiska went to the military reconnaissance unit of the Ukrainian fleet, where her husband served, with a volunteer mission.

All the community gathered Easter basket: they baked Ester cakes, ornamented krashankas (Easter eggs), made sausages. Priests sanctified gifts, prayed for those who are at the frontline, and for volunteers.

Apart from traditional Easter viands, volunteers conveyed technical intelligence means ordered by warriors.