"Terminator" Sakura and His Five Wounds

March 15, 2021
An article under such a name was prepared by the online publication “Novynarnia” (“Newsroom”)
"Terminator" Sakura and His Five Wounds

Reconnaissance man with one eye, who are performing combat tasks, and runs at least five kilometers every day, although he is missing a piece of leg muscle after being wounded, and the bullet is still in his skull. Such unique person serves in the 93rd separate mechanized brigade "Cold Yar". His name is Alexander, his call sign is "Sakura", and he is a Sergeant.

Oleksandr at his first rotation was at the Donetsk airport in the summer of 2014 as a volunteer. He soon signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and joined the reconnaissance company of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade. He was wounded five times, and severely wounded twice. Now he is preparing for the next rotation on the front.

“Sakura” told about how the Sakura is at war and his thinks to journalists of the online publication.