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“Synytsia” Has Been Already Helping to Counter Threats from Enemy’s Aviation

September 5, 2023

“Synytsia” Has Been Already Helping to Counter Threats from Enemy’s AviationThe results of the unprecedented special operation of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine under the code name "Synytsia", as a result of which our state received the russian Mi-8 helicopter and the technological equipment on board, have already significantly affected the combat capability of enemy aviation.

This will have long-term detrimental effects on the enemy's plans, and will allow Ukrainian military intelligence to better understand the enemy's communications and security system.

This was stated by the representatives of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Andrii Yusov and Artem Shevchenko during a press conference with the participation of the russian Mi-8 helicopter commander Maksym Kuzminov, which took place today, September 5, at the Ukraine Media Center.

During the event, previously unknown details of the special operation were told.

“Synytsia” Has Been Already Helping to Counter Threats from Enemy’s AviationIn particular, Andrii Yusov said that the process had been lasting for six months since the moment when Maksym Kuzminov contacted the Ukrainian special services and expressed his desire to fly to Ukraine.

"I decided not to participate in the criminal war against Ukraine as early as December 2022. The impetus for such a decision was a complete understanding of what is happening. I decided for myself that this is a brutal crime. And that I simply will not take part in this. I do have a plane I left behind in russia, I have a good salary that I left behind, too, as well as two apartments and I almost had a pension there. But now it's all unimportant to me. It was important not to fight against Ukraine," said the russian pilot, clarifying how exactly he was able to contact Ukrainian military intelligence.

"I was subscribed to the pages of DIU in social networks, the contacts were there. I turned there and we started a secret correspondence. Ukrainian agents did not impose a decision, this decision was mine, no one coerced me. We were designing built routes for almost half a year, thinking of how it would be safer to execute everything, and on August 9, 2023, everything happened," Maksym Kuzminov explained.

“Synytsia” Has Been Already Helping to Counter Threats from Enemy’s AviationHe said they took off at 16:30 from the Kursk airfield. Then, near russia's village of shebekino, he flew at an extremely low altitude and in radio silence. While crossing the border, the helicopter was fired from small arms. Maksym is convinced that the russian side did it.

During the attack, Kuzminov was wounded in the leg. Then, he flew about 20 kilometers from the border and landed at the designated location. The other two crew members began to behaving aggressively, and eventually rushed out of the helicopter towards the border. As is known, they had to be liquidated.

Andrii Yusov, the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, reminded that, according to the law, Ukraine will pay the pilot monetary compensation, guarantee his safety and the safety of his family members, and also give him the right to choose his future place of residence and work.

“Synytsia” Has Been Already Helping to Counter Threats from Enemy’s Aviation“Now Maksym is a free man in a free country. He is considering his intention to join the Defence Forces of Ukraine and to further countering russian aggression. But it will be his decision – of a person who has made a conscious decision,” Andrii Yusov stressed.

The representative of Ukraine’s military intelligence addressed to the russian servicemen, having reminded them that our state demonstrates openness and democracy.

“We appeal to all russian servicemen: there is a choice even under a dictatorship. You are not slaves, not "Gerasim" and not "Mu-mu". Go to the side of good, where you are guaranteed safety, decency and a clear conscience,” Andrii Yusov summarized.