“Modern defender of Ukraine”

June 13, 2017
An art project under this name will start in Zhytomyr region
“Modern defender of Ukraine”

The project consists of three stages. Work on the first phase will last for three months, during which Zhytomyr painters will create 15 paintings about the defenders of Ukraine. It should be noted that the pictures will depict both warriors and the events connected with anti-terrorist operation. The cycle will include artistic and graphical paintings.

After the completion of the project, the exhibition will be shown in institutions of the region, and after that the paintings will remain in the Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy.

“We already have a number of works of our predecessors, who depicted the events from the Cossacks period, the Second World War. Now, we have to pay homage to those people who are currently defending our state along the east borders. The aim of this project is to perpetuate the memory of true defenders of Ukraine, our countrymen, in order to convey to the next generations the strength and heroism of those people who were not afraid, who withstood and who are courageously defending their native land. Descendants must know the Heroes of their nation”, -Deputy Head of Zhytomyr Regional Council Maksym Vilivchuk underscored.