USA Handed Over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine Two Modern Artillery Intelligence Station

May 21, 2019
News Agency of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine informs

Yesterday, the ceremony of giving of two artillery intelligence stations for the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the US representatives was held in Divychky village, Kyiv region.

“Technology of these radars will help the warriors of the Ukrainian army during hostile attacks from masked positions to confidently react to action of means of target effects of the enemy and will provide hit precision of the enemy targets. These counter-battery stations – is a part of the US security assistance, price of which numbers more than $ 1 billion 100 million. The USA will continue rendering assistance to Ukraine because we adhere to issue of protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of your state. In addition, we will help Ukraine to develop its defence institutions,” Lieutenant Colonel of the US Armed Forces Tod Hof noted during the ceremony.