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Special Services Searching Agents in Canada

April 10, 2024

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine informs that the russian federal security service (fsb) in Canada is attempting to find foreigners who maintain contact with intelligence agencies of various countries worldwide and recruit them for moscow’s service.

The search for double agents is underway among immigrants from russia and other countries that were part of the Soviet Union or under its influence.

The kremlin special service promotes its calls through russian-language media in Canada in particular.

For example, in March 2024, the fsb distributed the relevant appeal in the form of a leaflet that was inserted into a free newspaper “Nasha Kanada” distributed for free in stores selling European products, russian restaurants, metro stations, certain schools, hospitals, and residential complexes in the city of Toronto.

Interestingly, this publication positions itself as pro-democratic and anti-putin, but that may be just a cover and a way to divert the attention of local security structures.