Regarding the Russian Special Information Campaign

November 25, 2020
Statement of the DIU Public Affairs Service
Regarding the Russian Special Information Campaign

In recent time, the Russian Federation steps up measures to discredit the Ukrainian top state and military authority. With this in view, pro-Russian mass media, journalists and influence agents are more actively used, including in the territory of Ukraine.

Main purpose of information campaign, which the Kremlin set itself, is to provoke distrust in regards to top authority of our state and discreditation of their activity on settlement of the situation on front of war against Russia.

A separate direction is a critic of the Ukrainian leadership, government agencies regarding resolving current social and economic issues, including those related to COVID-19 epidemic.

All these take place against the background of purposeful efforts of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and military intelligence of Ukraine on the path of stepping up the effectiveness of actions on repulsing the Russian armed aggression and implementation of reforms on gaining new capabilities by the Ukrainian troops in accordance with NATO standards.

This information campaign, is being conducted by Russia, is evidence of weakness of the Russia’s positions and the Kremlin’s inability to achieve its goals in Ukraine.

For almost seven years of the armed aggression against our state, the Ukrainian people have learned to distinguish right from wrong and built up immunity towards lies of the Russian propaganda.

Together to Victory!

Glory to Ukraine!