Allegations Regarding DIU Involvement in Intelligence Activity on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus

November 20, 2017
Statement of DIU Public Affairs Service

On 20th November 2017, Belarusian mass media released a statement made by an official representative of the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus regarding the involvement of Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sharoiko in the establishment of a human intelligence network and conducting intelligence activities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The above-mentioned statement also states that Pavlo Sharoiko confessed to being an employee of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

DIU Public Affairs Service is authorized to report that the information presented in the above-mentioned statement is incorrect.

Pavlo Sharoiko served in the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, where he held the post of Chief of Press Service. In 2009 he was dismissed from military service for health reasons. After his dismissal, P. Sharoiko secured employment in the sphere of the earlier obtained speciality - journalist of the Ukrainian mass media, including as a reporter on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.