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The Hero of Ukraine
Maksym Shapoval

Maksym Shapoval was born on July 6, 1978, in Vinnytsia town in the family of a military pilot.

After finishing the secondary school, he embraced the profession of military officer as his father and grandfather once had. He graduated from the Military Institute of National Technical University of Ukraine and started his service in reconnaissance military units.

During his service, he participated in some peacekeeping operations.

Before the beginning of the war, he headed the Special Reserve of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

After the Russian armed aggression broke out Maksym Shapoval took part in operations on the protection of independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the anti-terrorist operation area on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

He was a participant of the fiercest battles of 2014–2015. At the most difficult time, scouts often accomplished combat tasks at the expense of their lives. They stayed true to themselves, did not hide behind the backs of others, courageously accepted all the unhuman hardships and, at the same time, performed their work skillfully.

He was directly involved in the liberation of several Ukrainian occupied towns, in battles for strategically important hill – Savur-Mohyla, as well as in planning and conducting reconnaissance raids into the deep rear area of the enemy.

Maksym Shapoval made a considerable personal contribution to the process of documenting evidence regarding the presence of the armed forces of the aggressor-country – Russia on the territory of our state. He organized and conducted work aimed at uncovering career officers of the Russian occupation troops, who were engaged in hostilities against Ukrainian warriors.

Among the operations run by Colonel Shapoval was the timely reporting about the deployment of Russian artillery, which made it possible to save hundreds of Ukrainian lives who could have died in the strikes of the Russian occupants.

M. Shapoval spent most of his time with his unit in the anti-terrorist operation area, where he personally led reconnaissance groups. In May 2014, he commanded the group which liberated the Donetsk airport, and was the first among those courage and strong in spirit warriors who even the enemy, amazed by their fearlessness and fortitude, dubbed “cyborgs”.

Maksym Shapoval was a true professional, an officer with unique knowledge and skills, and most importantly – his love for Ukraine knew no boundaries.

Colonel Shapoval perished on 27 June 2017 as a result of a bold terrorist attack planned by Russian special services.

He was buried in the capital of Ukraine.

From the first day of his career as an officer up to his last breath Maksym Shapoval served in military intelligence. His courage and bravery, patriotism and devotion to his duty serve as an example to all officers of military intelligence of Ukraine.

His name will permanently remain in the lists of the military unit that he commanded and was written in the Book of Glory of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, which had been established with the aim of perpetuating the memory of individuals who made a significant contribution to the development of military intelligence of Ukraine.

According to a Decree of the President of Ukraine, dated by 7 September 2017, Major General Maksym Shapoval was awarded with the “Golden Star” Order of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously) for courage and heroism displayed in the protection of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, for his considerable contribution to strengthening state defence capability and security, selfless service to the Ukrainian people.

The President also signed a Decree by which the name of Major General Maksym Shapoval was bestowed to the Special Reserve of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

The document states that the Hero’s name was bestowed to the Special Reserve of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine in commemoration of the Hero of Ukraine Maksym Shapoval in view of his accomplishments in the name of Homeland, exceptional courage and heroism displayed while protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine as well as combat achievements, exceptional execution of assigned tasks and high professionalism.

The Head of State presented the new Combat Banner to the unit.