U.S. Senate Approved Draft Law, Provided to Increase Security Assistance to Ukraine up to $300 Million

June 29, 2019
Embassy of Ukraine in the USA informs

Appropriate funds, that $50 million more than the amount allocated for current year, are earmarked at the draft law “U.S. budget for 2020 for the national defence needs”, approved by the Senate.

The draft law provides to designate $100 million of $300 million for lethal weapons, as well as to expand the U.S. assistance for strengthening defence capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by including in it means for coastal defence, anti-ship missiles and the systems that will boost the effectiveness of command system of troops, in particular, air defence and coastal defence.

“U.S. budget for 2020 for the National Defence Needs” law will go into effect after its approval by the House of Representatives and signed by the U.S. President.