“Karpaty” health resort will be recreated the ATO warriors

July 6, 2016
This health resort has one of the most powerful bases in Zakarpattia for treatment of cardiovascular system, diseases of blood circulatory system and others
“Karpaty” health resort will be recreated the ATO warriors

“Karpaty” health resort is situated in a picturesque mountain area of Berehvar in Latoritsa river valley, near the foothills of the southern slope of the ridge of the Ukrainian Carpathians at a height of 210 – 212 meters above sea level. The resort is located in the former family estate of the nineteenth century with arboretum park, owner of which was the Austrian statesman Count Frederick Shenborn.

The procedure of providing the ATO participants with sanatorium-resort therapy is determined by the Arrangements for using funds, provided by state budget to provide the suffered ATO participants with sanatorium-resort therapy, established by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution from March 31, 2015, № 200.