Intelligence Agencies of NATO Member Countries Intensify Cooperation with the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

June 21, 2019
Enhancement of the cooperation was approved in the course of the official visit of the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine to the Baltic States

During the talks with the directors of intelligence agencies of the NATO member countries, Colonel-General Vasyl Burba released next evidences of military stepping-up of Russia in the occupied territories of Ukraine and near the borders of European states.

With the aim of timely disclosing the features of Russia’s preparation for escalation of armed aggression against our state and possible military actions of the Russian Federation in the regions of Black and Baltic Seas, the leaders of the military intelligences of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Ukraine came to an agreement about considerable increasing of intelligence sharing. At the present time, the joint intelligence assessments regarding the action of aggressor-country are being prepared by the representatives of the DIU and the NATO. Memorandum of Understanding in the sphere of intelligence activity was signed.

According to the result of meetings of Colonel-General Vasyl Burba with the directors of military intelligence agencies of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, it was established an exchange of experience in countering the Russian aggression in key directions of the intelligence activity, in particular, in the sphere of cybernetic intelligence.