Scouts saved military pilots

July 17, 2014
Servicemen of separate regiment of Special Forces were involved into the operation on rescuing of crew AN-26 aircraft which was shot down by terrorist on July 14
Scouts saved military pilots

A rescue operation began immediately after receiving an appropriate signal from pilots. Its performing was complicated that the aircraft fell down on the territory that was under the control of terrorists. Therefore the leadership of counterterrorist operation decided to involve exactly scouts.

This operation was extremely risky. Special Forces’ personnel searched for and took away two members of team in safety place right after arrival of reconnaissance group in the area of search. It was necessary to search for two more pilots, and later to snatch them from the terrorist hands who arranged a real hunt for military pilots. Unfortunately, two pilots were nevertheless captured by the terrorists. In addition, nowadays the work on their liberation continues.

In spite of very difficult situation of operation, the scouts don’t consider themselves as heroes. They say – we execute our work and defend our Motherland.