Reconnaissance men of unit of Special Forces received assistance from “Ukrainian military portal”

June 19, 2014
Receiving devices and equipments become a second consignment of assistance from electronic edition

Within the framework of initiative assistance, editorial staff of “Ukrainian military portal” organized a fund-raising, purchases and transferring of second consignment of assistance to one of military units of Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that have participated in anti-terrorist operation.

On this time, reconnaissance men received from journalists observation facilities, reconnaissance devices and equipments.

Initiative mission of edition “Ukrainian military portal” play a significant role because in conditions of a great number of provocation and destructive criticisms for leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from pseudopatriotic domestic mass-medias from the Kremlin’s dictation, in fact, patriotically-minded journalists above mentioned edition found a possibility to help Ukrainian servicemen and to approach triumph of Ukraine over the aggressors and terrorists.