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Intelligence Testing New Ukrainian-Made UAV

August 8, 2023
Intelligence Testing New Ukrainian-Made UAV

After the conducting rear tests, the new Ukrainian UAV SpyGun was transferred to the combat zone for testing.

SpyGun drone designed for deep reconnaissance and, if necessary, it can be used for correcting fire.

The UAV was produced by Ukrainian engineers and designers on the initiative of entrepreneur and volunteer Yurii Holyk and tennis player, and now a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhii Stakhovskyi.

The complex consists of two UAVs and a ground control station.

Due to a modern radio control system with a high level of protection against electronic warfare, the reconnaissance aircraft is able to operate at a distance of up to 50 kilometers.

The drone is also equipped with an automatic return to the take-off point, and high aerodynamic characteristics allow to move along the selected route with the engine turned off, saving battery power.

The flight time of the new drone without landing is 120-160 minutes;
the maximum flight altitude is 1,500 meters; the operating altitude is 500-600 meter;
the flight speed is 90 kilometers per hour.
The drone is equipped with two cameras – course online and GoPro.

The records of photos and videos are carried out on the on-board media.

The SpyGun UAV is relatively inexpensive and quick to manufacture with a simple case design, which makes the 'Spy' invisible in the sky during operation.