The scout came back from the vacation to the ATO area on the vehicle repaired by his fellow countrymen

December 28, 2015
Besides, Volodymyr Lysenko brought different delicacies to his comrades-in-arms to celebrate New Year's holidays

Trying to help the defenders of Ukraine who are protecting our state from Russian terrorist aggression, people of Verbovets village, Katerynopilskyi region, Cherkasy oblast, presented a repaired UAZ vehicle to the warriors of one of the reconnaissance battalions of the AF of Ukraine.

People of Cherksy oblast have uploaded the vehicle to the lorry, added some other gifts and food products for the warriors on the frontline to feel the atmosphere of the New Year and Christmas. The scout Volodymyr Lysenko, who spent vacation in the native village of Verbovets and comes back to the ATO area, should deliver the cargo to the frontline.