“Executed Elite: Bykivnia Dimension”

April 17, 2019
Opening of an exposition under this name will be held tomorrow at the National Museum of History of Ukraine
“Executed Elite: Bykivnia Dimension”

Informative exposition’s board depicts the course of life, masterpiece, circumstances of arrests in 1937–1938 and shooting of representatives of creative and intellectual circles of the Ukrainian society of that time. The visitors will have an opportunity to get acquainted with destinies of Ukrainian writers, painters, actors, stage managers, composers, scientists, and servicemen who were annihilated in prisons of NKVS in Kyiv and were buried in the territory of secret special area in Bykivnia forest.

Also, this exposition will include works of scientists, subjected to repression by the Soviet power, the personal things of Ostap Vyshnia and repressed servicemen from the collections of the National Museum of History of Ukraine.

The event will start at 14.00 p. m. at the following address: Kyiv, Volodymyrska Street 2.