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russian Troops Use Territory of Kursk NPP To Store Missile Weapons

November 4, 2022

russian Troops Use Territory of Kursk NPP To Store Missile WeaponsInformation was received that the russian military uses the territory of the Kursk nuclear power plant and its related enterprises to store and maintain missiles.

During the last few weeks, representatives of the russian armed forces brought missiles to the S-300 complexes to the underground hangars of the “Kurskatomenerhoremont” enterprise in the village of Ivanino, Kursk oblast. Also, at the end of October, several civilian trucks with iranian license plates with unknown cargo were seen arriving at these hangars.

It is possible that the indicated high-risk facility, which is directly adjacent to the Kursk NPP (the city of Kurchatov), is used by the russian armed forces for military purposes, namely: for covert placement and ammunition maintenance for missile weapons and iranian UAVs. The presence of iranian ballistic missiles in the specified underground storage facilities is not excluded.

The given information should be the subject of a thorough check by the representatives of the relevant international organizations, first of all, the IAEA.