Russian Leadership Has Always Tried To Distort the History of Ukraine

November 17, 2017
Famous writer, Hero of Ukraine Yurii Mushketyk discussed this with members of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Yurii Mykhailovych calls himself an ordinary person, but people like him are “the elite of the Ukrainian nation”, its core and conscience.

Recognizing the role of intelligence officers in the counteraction to Russian aggression, the Hero of Ukraine and author of many historical works armed them with knowledge regarding the constant attempts of the leadership of Russian Empire to create historical myths and, thereby, diminish the role of the Ukrainian nation in its state creation and the influence of Ukrainians on the further development of the Russian empire.

While talking with DIU members, the writer cited interesting and little-known facts from the history of Ukraine and gave evidence of how, for centuries, Russian historians tried to hide them, replacing them by false and humiliating myths.

In turn, intelligence officers assured the prominent writer of their readiness and ability to defend the Ukrainian land from the invader.