“Russian occupation troops had attempts to force the ATO forces out from their positions”

July 2, 2016
Since the mid-June, it has been observed an active reconnaissance from the side of militants, with the conducting the so-called “fighting patrol”

About it, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Vadym Skibitskyi said at the “5 kanal” channel in the course of telethon “Ukraine is above all” on air.

“Over a last month, the activity of the adversary is increased. These activities are observed not only in attacks or certain tactical actions which we have seen every day. There was conducted a number of measures directed at the intensifying activities and combat readiness of two Army Corps of the Russian occupation troops. The reconnaissance with the using of SRGs and UAVs was too stepped up, but since the mid-June, we have observed conducting of fighting reconnaissance”, – he underscored.

You can watch a full speech of the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine at the “5 kanal” channel here.