Russia has constantly enhanced his grouping in the occupied Crimea

July 4, 2016
A representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Vadym Skibitskyi announced about it on the air of “112 Ukraine” TV channel in the course of “Military diary”

“In addition to the threat that we have on the land, a level of threat of conducting of amphibious operations by the Russian Federation rises in the case of large-scale aggression against our country. And the role of the Navy of Ukraine is very significant. We have a large area of the sea coast, we have to protect. We should remember that Russia occupied the Crimea and holds there a grouping of Russian troops more than 25 thousand people. Moreover, the Russian side has constantly reinforced the naval grouping due to modern submarine ships, frigates, aviation and others. In such circumstances, without a proper Navy of Ukraine, it is impossible to hold further fort and fight off aggression of the Russian Federation.”

You can watch a full speech of the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on the “112 Ukraine” TV channel here.