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russia Plans to Build Two Million Army

January 13, 2023

russia Plans to Build Two Million ArmyAccording to Ukraine’s military intelligence estimates, terrorist country is trying to build the armed forces of two million people.

In the first wave of mobilisation, 300,000 people were drafted into the russian armed forces. Following a brief training period, the conscripts are sent to the combat zone in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s military intelligence does not rule out that the russian leadership will announce the next wave of mobilisation in the coming days. About 500,000 more russians will join the russian armed forces, which will allow the terrorist country to create strategic reserves.

Russia is actively preparing for the announcement of the next wave of mobilisation. The laws of the russian federation regulating mobilisation are being amended at legislative level. The active preparation of training centres is ongoing as well.

According to estimates of Ukraine’s military intelligence, the scale of enlistment activities, conducted by the aggressor country, indicates the plans of its leadership to create an army of about two million people.