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russia Mines Kherson Region with Ammunition Manufactured in the 1950s

June 9, 2022

russia Mines Kherson Region with Ammunition Manufactured in the 1950sAs a result of a successful counterattack by the Ukrainian defenders in the Kherson direction, the occupiers have lost part of the temporarily seized territories and suffered losses in manpower and equipment.

Trying to stop the Ukrainian servicemen, the russian invaders are urgently constructing additional lines of defence, mining the territory and created engineering barriers.

A convoy of russian military vehicles with soviet mines, manufactured in 1950s, has recently arrived in the occupied Kherson region. The ammunition was stored in warehouses in Rostov region and was prepared for destruction. Having appropriated funds intended for mine disposal, the russian command has given dangerous cargo to the advanced units of the invaders for mining defensive positions.

When trying to set up mine barriers, several sappers-occupants from the battalion-tactical group (BTG) of the 7th military base of the 49th combined arms army of the southern military district (military unit no. 09332) of the russian occupying forces have already been exploded on old ammunitions.

The BTG command has agreed with police and FSB officers, working at the blast sites, that this would be classified as an accident. Families of sappers will not receive payments for the death of relatives-occupants.