Russia is Preparing to Employ Chemical Weapons in the Occupied Territory of Donbas

December 29, 2018
Russian special services are counting on significant number of victims among civilian population

This was reported during the briefing by a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to Vadym Skibitskyi, military intelligence of Ukraine observes a number of intelligence indications that are clearly referred at preparation of sabotage-and-terrorist act with employment of chemically hazardous and poisonous substances that further will be covered by the Russian propagandists as an employment of “chemical weapons” against the inhabitants of the occupied Donbas by the Ukrainian troops.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine established that a group of the Russian specialists in the field of chemical warfare and poisonous substances arrived in the occupied territory of Donbas in the middle of December.

The adversary increased readiness of the Russian occupation troops up to a level to operate amidst chemical contamination. The newest individual protective means for personnel of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the Russian occupation troops were delivered from the Russian Federation in order to test it in combat conditions.

With the aim of creation of favourable public opinion, Moscow has been conducting more than a month a large-scale information campaign on accusing Ukraine of hidden preparation for such actions. The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine states that Russia conducted information operation in a similar fashion on the eve of simulation of chemical attack in Syria on November 24, 2018, in the area of Aleppo town in order to justify further conducting of airstrikes on Syrian opposition forces.