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russia Preparing Man-Made Disaster in Occupied Crimea

June 12, 2023

In the temporarily occupied Armiansk town in the northern part of the Crimean Peninsula, the russians are preparing for the evacuation of both occupation administration officials and civilian population.

Due to the terrorist attack, committed by the enemy at the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant, and, as a result, the lack of water in the North Crimean Canal, production processes have been disrupted to a critical level at the ‘Crimean Titan’ factory in Armiansk.

The russians consider it impossible to resume operations even at minimal mode. In the temporarily occupied Armiansk, rumors are circulating about the probable operation halt at the ‘Crimean Titan’.

At the same time, over the past few days, the engineering units of the russian occupying army are mining the workshops of the enterprise, which are currently operating, as well as also planting explosives in both the factory and the surrounding area.

The terrorist attack at the ‘Crimean Titan’ enterprise, for which the russian invaders are preparing, will mean an artificial man-made catastrophe, terrible in its consequences.

Nearly 200 tonnes of technological ammonia are used at the ‘Crimean Titan’ plant for refrigeration purposes.

In the case of an explosion at the plant, an ammonia cloud could affect the surrounding areas within half an hour, depending on the wind direction.

Occupied Armiansk, Krasnoperekopsk district, and the southern districts of Kherson region will be under threat.