"Family of the Hero"

March 16, 2016
The joint social initiative of state authorities and NGOs is gaining momentum in Dnipropetrovsk
"Family of the Hero"

In order to assist the families of the perished during the rebuff of the Ukrainian warriors to Russian military aggression, a comprehensive social program called "Family of the Hero" was developed in Dnipropetrovsk oblast.

Thanks to the joint efforts of local authorities and the NGOs, families of the deceased ATO participants were united into a separate social group that, in addition to state privileges, also enjoys the benefits that are provided according to the decisions of the oblast and city councils of Dnipropetrovsk.

One of the types of the targeted aid is the benefits for intercity and suburban traffic of the oblast. Special social cards are developed and issued in the oblast for these aims. 720 such cards have already been issued and other 160 cards are planned to be issued by the end of March 2016. The cards are valid till the end of the current year.