Greetings from the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on the occasion of Constitution Day

June 28, 2017
Dear colleagues, combat sworn brothers!

I whole-heartedly congratulate you on the occasion of Constitution Day!

The adoption of the Basic Law marked the fundamental consolidation of our independence, immortalized the will of the Ukrainian people to live in their own sovereign, unified and law-governed state, thus bringing Ukraine closer to countries with a developed democracy.

Today, amidst continuing Russian armed aggression, Ukrainians are worthily rebuffing the adversary, courageously defending the values defined in the Constitution – the independence and territorial integrity of our country.

I am confident in our victory! Ukraine will become a full-fledged European state with an effective Constitution, the priority of which is the protection of human and civil rights and liberties.

May this holiday give us all inspiration for new accomplishments in order to implement the principles of the Basic Law of our state – democracy, humanism and the rule of law.

Glory to Ukraine!

Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Major General Vasyl Burba