Greeting from the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on the occasion of New Year and Christmas

December 31, 2017

Dear colleagues!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the New Year and Christmas!

We await these wonderful winter holidays with feelings of joy, warmth and comfort. They unite us all; lighting a fire of faith, hope, love and optimism in our hearts.

The past year was not an easy one but we went through it with dignity, gaining experience. Each of you deserves credit for this.

The combat actions in the East of Ukraine convincingly demonstrate the high professionalism, courage and heroism, valour and self-sacrifice of reconnaissance men. Via the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine we are strengthening its independence, we are fighting for liberty and we are bringing a European future closer.

May the feeling of a united family give us strength in a fair struggle, and may the New Year become a year of peace, harmony and prosperity for Ukraine.

I am convinced that we will overcome all challenges together and will gain success!

I am grateful to the DIU workforce for their high civic awareness, distinguished service and selfless work. Special words of gratitude to all those who, during these holidays, are performing assigned tasks far away from home.

I sincerely wish you and your families God’s blessing, good health, welfare, family prosperity, delicious kutia as well as merry holidays!

Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Lieutenant General Vasyl Burba