Reconnaissance officer ranks third in “the most perspective professions” list

November 19, 2016
In view of Russian armed aggression, the population’s perception of defenders has fundamentally changed

According to a poll conducted by the International Personnel Portal HeadHunter Ukraine, reconnaissance officers and border guards made it to the TOP-prestigious professions for the first time and ranked third in the rating of the most perspective professions.

The threat to state integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine prodded many Ukrainians to re-evaluate their attitude towards defenders of Homeland. Several years ago the majority of Ukrainians steered clear of military registration and enlistment offices, but now men persistently and purposefully gain proficiency in military arts. There has also been an increase in the popularity of military educational institutions.

The situation around countering Russian armed aggression against Ukraine confirmed the necessity to create a professional army, because combat-effective armed forces is the best deterrent to military aggression.