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President of Ukraine: “The strategic task of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine is to reform the military intelligence, implement all the latest technologies and standards of Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic partners”

September 7, 2017
He stated this at the festivities on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Military Intelligence of Ukraine while attending one of the DIU’s military units
President of Ukraine: “The strategic task of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine is to reform the military intelligence, implement all the latest technologies and standards of Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic partners”

Congratulating the DIU workforce on their professional holiday, the Head of State noted that military intelligence has been playing a prominent role in ensuring defence and security since its creation up to this day.

The President noted that further development of military intelligence of Ukraine is among top priorities. “The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine is tasked with a strategic mission - to reform the military intelligence with the aim of implementing all the latest technologies and standards of Euro-Atlantic partners of Ukraine,” – the President stressed. He noted that, at present, military intelligence officers have the latest technology and software which they did not have 2-3 years ago. “The newest unmanned aerial vehicles, means of electronic warfare, weapons for reconnaissance men enabled them to significantly increase the efficiency of their work,” – Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

“Obtaining advance information, increasing the analytical and predictive components of intelligence activity are the current top priority tasks set before the military intelligence. I am confident that these tasks will be performed in accordance with the highest standards and with intrinsic professionalism”, – he added.

The Head of State assured that he as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief will invest a lot of efforts to support and provide further development of military intelligence. “Today, I can attest with confidence that the military intelligence had never before had such conditions, such level of attention and financing as to date. And not only conditions, financing and attention, but also this level of trust, respect and esteem”, – he said.

“We must not take the nation’s trust for granted. It was gained through the blood and professionalism of Ukrainian intelligence officers. They know for sure –victory is where intelligence officers are. I thank you for this”, – the President stressed.

“Hardly anybody knows the faces, surnames and even names of warriors-intelligence officers, except for you. However, everybody knows that intelligence on the battle field represents the eyes and ears of the commander and headquarters. Intelligence allows to hear and to see the enemy, guaranteeing that timely and correct decisions are made. To date, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine is one of the most experienced intelligence bodies not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe,” – Petro Poroshenko said.

He emphasized that it is the fate of the present generation of intelligence officers to change the steadfast stereotype and to make improvements in the activity of military intelligence amidst this undeclared hybrid war against Ukraine on the part of the Russian Federation.

“Your experience is now being studied by military intelligence around the world. Positive and victorious experience. The obtained documents, developed and presented information and analytical materials as well as other special operations that were conducted demonstrate that the transition to a qualitatively new level of military intelligence activities in Ukraine has already taken place,” – the President noted. “The DIU has been efficiently using up-to-date technical intelligence means, new units are being formed, which are adopting advanced types of technical intelligence and continue to step-up their capabilities”, - he said.

Petro Poroshenko expressed special gratitude to warriors-intelligence officers for their participation in the anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine. “During the hardest time, on the initial stage of the anti-terrorist operation on the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, reconnaissance units performed the most responsible and most dangerous tasks”, – the President stressed.

“Hundreds of human lives, weapons and military equipment were saved through their actions and self-sacrifice. Reconnaissance men significantly expanded their range of operations that created preconditions for receiving full data regarding Russian occupation forces, to gain implicit evidence of the military presence of the Russian Armed Forces on the occupied territories of Ukraine”, – underscored the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

Petro Poroshenko noted that DIU’s material-technical supply has recently significantly improved, new dwelling for DIU servicemen were built, a modern training center with no analogues in Europe has been constructed under NATO standards. “This is the result of our cooperation with our strategic partners from NATO countries – the United States of America, Great Britain, Poland and others”, – the Head of State added, stressing that this facility will allow to train Special Forces personnel making use of the best practices of global states and experience, gained in the course of holding anti-terrorist operation.

The Head of State also inspected buildings and complexes constructed for the training and accommodation of the Special Forces unit’s personnel. The training of servicemen was demonstrated to the supreme Commander-in-Chief. Moreover, the President of Ukraine was shown technical intelligence means which are in service of technical intelligence, weapons, special equipment and technical means with which Special Forces’ personnel are equipped.

The President also said that he signed a Decree by which the name of Major General Maksym Shapoval is bestowed to the Special Reserve of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. The document states that the Hero’s name was bestowed to the DIU Special Reserve in commemoration of the Hero of Ukraine Maksym Shapoval in view of his accomplishments in the name of Homeland, exceptional courage and heroism displayed while protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine as well as combat achievements, exceptional execution of assigned tasks and high professionalism. The Head of State presented the new flag to the unit.