President of Ukraine conferred name of intelligence officer Yurii Olefirenko to “Kirovohrad” ship of the Navy of Ukraine

July 3, 2016
According to the Presidential Decree, a decision on conferring the name of Captain Navy Yurii Olefirenko was made taking into account his special merits to the Homeland and exemplary performance of training and combat missions by the crew of the ship

“Unbroken spirit, courage and professionalism of naval special forces, marines infantrymen demonstrated in the defence of Donbas are an example of exceptional military glory and honor. Defending Donbas and its maritime pearl – Mariupol, military sailors inscribed a lot of heroic pages to the history of the Ukrainian state,” Petro Poroshenko said in the course of his speech. He expressed firm belief that the fallen hero – commander of the naval special forces center Yurii Olefirenko deserves to be honored and his name will appear on the board of the amphibious assault ship.