President of Ukraine Signs Law "On Intelligence"

October 21, 2020
The signing took place during the President's visit to the Information Department of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
President of Ukraine Signs Law "On Intelligence"

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi signed the Law "On Intelligence", which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on September 17, 2020.

"Today, I'm signing the Law of Ukraine "On Intelligence", adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. The implementation of the provisions of this law will allow creating an effective system of Ukrainian intelligence, which will correspond to the nature and large-scale current threats to the national security of Ukraine," the President said and signed the document.

According to him, supporting intelligence at the legislative level will facilitate the timely detection, prevention and neutralization of threats and increase the ability of intelligence to obtain and provide consumers with high-quality intelligence information.

"It should be remembered that the issue of intelligence is a priority, and intelligence materials are the basis for making important government decisions. That is why this law is not only new opportunities and new capabilities for intelligence but also a great responsibility for the state, which needs to significantly strengthen the strategic and operational components of intelligence, improve analytical work and the quality of information obtained," Volodymyr Zelenskyi stressed.

President of Ukraine expressed confidence that all tasks would be performed by intelligence at the highest level. "Performed qualitatively, performed professionally, as always," the Head of State added.