President of Ukraine awarded the scouts who participated in the counterterrorist operation

July 9, 2014
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko attended one of the base camps of counterterrorist operation during his working tour in Donetsk and Kharkiv regions

Addressing to the servicemen, the President of Ukraine noted that an army appeared in Ukraine that can vanquish the enemies, defend a civil population and is able to be peacekeepers.

– You showed the whole country that it has a strong, high-professional, high-patriotic army. And today I come to say you thank you for this! To thank for fighting spirit, victory, for the best that you demonstrated during last week! Whole Ukraine is proud of own Armed Forces, National Guards, Ukrainian soldiers. You gave the grounds to be proud of country, to appreciate and respect it, – Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine underscored.

According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine, the servicemen among which are quite a lot of scouts, for personal courage and heroism displaying during the defence of the sovereignty and integrity of country, for adherence to oath of allegiance, were awarded with the state awards.

– Сьогодні нам потрібна рішучість, сьогодні ми не повинні дати бандитам і бойовикам зупинитися і зачепитися за жодний клаптик української землі. Ми все зробимо, щоб швидше звільнити Україну від окупації. Наша з вами почесна місія – захистити жінок, дітей, мирну працю українців. Інколи це буває нелегко, але день від дня Україна народжує нові Збройні Сили. Я сьогодні маю всі підстави пишатися вами. Дякую вам за це! – сказав у заключному слові Президент України.

– Today we need a resoluteness, today we mustn’t give opportunities to bandits and fighters to stop and to stay on Ukrainian land. We will do everything in order to liberate Ukraine from occupation as soon as possible. Our honorable mission with you is to protect women, children, and peaceful labor of Ukrainians. Sometimes, it is not easy but from day to day Ukraine gives rise to new Armed Forces. Today, I have all reasons to be proud of you. I thank you for it, – President of Ukraine said in his closing speech.