Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epifanii Awarded Reconnaissance Man Ruslan Pustovoit

May 15, 2019
Awarding ceremony of courageous warrior was held during the first head-pastor visit of His Beatitude Metropolitan in Donetsk region

Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epifanii, being in Mariupol, presented church awards to the volunteers, veterans and journalists. Among the awardees is a warrior of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Pustovoit, whose feats on front the DIU Public Affairs Service has repeatedly informed.

Also, near a memorial sign “To warriors who laid lives for Ukraine”, Metropolitan served the lity in honor of the Ukrainian warriors who defended borders and integrity of our country, and perished in the course of combat actions on Donbas.

“We are continuing an affair of struggle and war that came on our land. But we believe that we will conquer the enemy and victory will be on our part. Everyone is currently speaking a lot about peace and we are striving for peace. But we are striving for equitable peace. Equitable peace may be established when we will conquer aggressor. Other peace – the peace in captivity,” said archbishop Epifanii.