Firsthand truth about ATO

December 27, 2016
While serving on permanent bases, reconnaissance men actively take part in the military-and-patriotic upbringing of youth
Firsthand truth about ATO

A meeting with ATO participant, officer of one of the reconnaissance battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Andrii Vysochanskyi took place in Rivne school #11. The officer was invited to the event by the students of the school research team under the name “Museum business”, who are investigating life stories of the school’s alumni.

The officer conveyed his clear civic stance, which was shaped in the walls of the same school, to current schoolchildren. While answering the pupils’ questions he tried to awaken the feeling of sincere and deep patriotism in them, an ability to display selflessness and generosity, and to be ready to go the length for the sake of our state’s sovereignty and best future.