“Volyn” Callsign

October 12, 2020
An interview with a warrior of the 74th separate reconnaissance battalion Bohdan Podzizei is posted in “The Ukrainian Week” online journal
“Volyn” Callsign

Bohdan went on war when he was 17 years old after the participation in the Revolution of Dignity and the events on Maidan.

The warrior was interviewed by a journalist of “The Ukrainian Week” publication and told about his impressions from the war, his combat comrades in arms and his service in the 74th separate reconnaissance battalion.

– This is such a stage of life which we sacrifice for the sake of country and own future, – the warrior says. – This is a huge life experience. A lot of comrades in arms live in different corners of our country, who will welcome and help you. I would have never met so many wonderful people in a peaceful life. This is a huge combat brotherhood that lives and gives a hope for life.

An experienced defender-reconnaissance man, direct participant of many battles currently continues defending the Ukrainian land against Russian invaders.