We Will Never Forget the Feat of Heroes!

January 15, 2021
Fallen reconnaissance man Serhii Kasianov is commemorated at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
We Will Never Forget the Feat of Heroes!

Today, a daily morning ceremony of the commemoration of the Ukrainian defenders, who were perished this day at different years as a result of the Russian armed aggression, has been held at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. The Remembrance Bell has been rung three times, one of them – in the honour of fallen reconnaissance man Serhii Kasianov.

Serhii served in the 74th separate reconnaissance battalion. He was killed in 2015 while repulsing the Russian occupants’ attack on the Donetsk airport. He was awarded the order “For Courage”. The Ukrainians such warriors as Serhii Oleksiiovych Kasianov for their extraordinary courage and heroism dubbed “cyborgs”.

The attendees paid the tribute to the memory of the Ukrainian defenders with minute of silence and laid flowers near the Remembrance Stela.