Wounded scout needs help

September 25, 2016
After being wounded, the warrior has already undergone seven surgeries
Wounded scout needs help

– I had previously removed two trip-wire mines in the place where it all happened, – Oleksii tells us. – We had already been to the so-called buffer zone near Mariyinka more than once, it’s our job to find out where the enemy is, what his intentions are. On that day, on August 15th, I lead the way, then I dropped to my knees near some water, at the same time I was scanning for any trip wires. The explosion sounded fifteen meters away from me. Now, analyzing what happened, I lean to the idea that it was a controlled mine, MON-50.

Oleksii’s comrade-in-arms saved him. They immediately pulled the wounded serviceman to a safe place and then delivered him to hospital.

Oleksii’s relatives are providing him with strong support. His four-and-nine-months old son, also Oleksii, frequently comes to see him in hospital.

The warrior still has to undergo a number of surgeries, and he will require rehabilitation in order to get back on his feet.

The scout is sure to recover; he has unusual will-power! But without moral and, especially, material support it will be much more difficult.

If you want to help Oleksii, please transfer money to Privatbank card #: 4149497825110713 or 4149625802134252. The recipient’s name: Alina Zabava.