A wounded hero-scout was transported to Ukraine

June 29, 2016
A Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Petrakivskyi was transported from rehabilitation center of the Republic of Poland by a plane of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A reason of transportation of wounded officer to Ukraine is to examine and to make an expert decision by board of doctors of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence and by the relatives concerning the further treatment of Hero of Ukraine at the clinics of foreign countries.

Today, with the participation of the Department of International Defence Cooperation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, appeals have been directed to the embassies of Germany, USA, Japan, Italy, France and Estonia considering the involvement of the specialists of these European leading countries for conducting of the comprehensive checkup and for confirmation of plan relating to treatment and rehabilitation of Oleksandr Petrakivskyi.

Checkup, treatment and rendering of the medical care to the wounded, in the course of anti-terrorist operation, Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Petrakivskyi are free of charge. The relatives will not need to expend money on these, as well as other servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.