The First Are always the Bravest

March 14, 2021
The Day of Ukrainian Volunteer marks today in Ukraine
The First Are always the Bravest

It is thanks to the colour of the Ukrainian nation, citizens who did not hesitate to defend their native land - their courage, devotion to national interests and sincere patriotism managed to stop the Russian aggressor, to mobilize forces in the rear and to arm the army. If it was not for the good will of the best country’s sons and daughters, it is not known, what would have happened to the state. The names of volunteers are inscribed in golden letters in successful operations of liberation of Ukrainian land from invaders.

Employees of the military intelligence of Ukraine congratulate all Ukrainian volunteers on the holiday. We will never forget your feat. We pay tribute to all the heroes who gave their lives for the preservation of the Ukraine’s territorial integrity and for the best future of our children in a free country. Eternal glory to them and Glory to Ukraine!